Pricing & Services

Below is the list of our services with corresponding prices per hour or per package. However, many times our estimated pricing depends on the size and timeline of a project.

Please contact us for detailed information on estimated costs for your project and we will figure it out together from there.


Do you need to update any content such as texts or images on your page? Or maybe delete old information?

Maintaining a website includes the update of content, media and any additional information on your webpage. This does also apply to the update of existing products in your online store or the upload of your new product collection.

€50 per hour 


Did you change your domain or just recently added new staff and want to create additional emails? Or maybe you need some help with your hosting provider?

The purchase, setup and transfer of domains is administrative work. This also includes any setup regarding new email addresses, connecting payment providers or the creation of accounts on content management platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace etc.

€40 per hour


Do you need to change the layout of your current website? Or some adaptations on your current template? Or maybe you need a whole new layout for you website?

Any customizing of your website layout, whether it is a template or a custom design, is considered a design service. May it be the drafting of new design layouts for an existing website or for a complete new one.

€60 per hour

Implementation and Coding

Do you need to customize the code for your website layout? Or any third-party systems integrated to your webpage?

Work that includes development in form of coding is an implementation service. This can be coding to change your website layout or adding any additional functions to it. Changing the structure of products in an online store or the linking of third-party systems, is an implementation as well.

€70 per hour


Do you need help to decide which is the best solution for you? Or maybe you need some research and an analysis on specific solutions that could be a suitable fit for you inquiry?

Researching and analyzing solutions that meet your requirements such as finding suitable service providers or comparing them is considered consulting work. Communicating with third parties and meetings with our clients count as consulting work as well.

€40 per hour


You just implemented a new solution for your business and your staff needs help? Or maybe you need a manual or step-by-step guidance for new processes in your office?

After finishing our project work, we will handover all information that you will need for the future and if demanded, also train your staff to properly work with the solution that was created. The handed information can be in form of manuals or one-on-one training.

€40 per hour


Do you need to analyse your web traffic or an implementation to track how your page is doing? Or maybe some graphics for your newsletter? Or some suggestions to improve your web content and conversions? 

Our marketing services are divided in three different components: reporting, social media and online measurements. Reporting includes the configuration of KPIs, detailed analytical reporting of any traffic and benchmarking, as well as improvement suggestions. Social media services are the definition of target groups, conceptualizing strategies, creation of content, any scheduling of posts and the planning of advertisements on social media channels. Any advertisements on search engines, SEO and content writing falls under online measurements.

€60 per hour

Website Package

Our website package is the perfect start to setup your first website. It includes all administrative work to get you online with your business plus all design and implementation work to impress your customers. The package includes one homepage and three subpages, as well as a simple design layout of header with navigation, body and footer. The website can either be made from scratch or based on a content management system such as WordPress or Squarespace. The layout includes a responsive design for mobile phones as well. In only a short time, your business will be represented in the web and is visible to everyone.

€500 per package

For any extra page, €50 will be charged additionally.

Please note that we are not responsible for the fees of any content management systems, hosting and domains. We will advise you on the separate pricing, but these costs are not included in the package price.

Ecommerce Package

We build your entire online store to get you online and ready to sell your products to everyone. We setup your account on an ecommerce platform of your choice such as Shopify or Squarespace, connect the payment solutions, upload products and configure your shipping and any administrational matter that comes across creating an online store.

€700 per package

Included in the price:

  • 1 homepage

  • 3 subpages

  • 10 products

  • a customisation of a chosen theme layout

  • an entire setup of the store including payment providers and shipping

  • a responsive design for mobile phones

  • a manual for maintenance and operating your shop

  • a revision at the end of the implementation

For any extra work, please find following prices:

  • 1 Page 50€

  • 1 Plugin 25€

  • 1 Revision 50€

  • 10 Products 55€

Please note that we are not responsible for the fees of any content management systems, hosting and domains. We will advise you on the separate pricing, but these costs are not included in the package price.