Online & Mobile Representation

A strong Online Presence is the key to success for startups and small businesses. Especially in the early stages of setting up a business and raising awareness, an impressive and significant Web Representation is a must by letting interested prospects know who you are and what you stand for. 

Irrespective of selling products online or providing services, an intuitive and outstanding Online Presence attracts potential customers to get in touch with you and to be part of your customer community. The Web Presence is often the first impression that is communicated with a potential customer.

Websites & E-Commerce & Blogs

We aim to build you the most adequate and attractive Website to represent your business and your services or products to the world. 

  • Company Portraits for Restaurants, Cafes, Consultants, etc.

  • Portfolios for Interior Designers, Architects, Artists, etc.

  • Online Shops for Jewelry, Clothing, Cosmetics, etc.

  • Blogs such as Travel Diaries, Lifestyle Journals, Fashion Blogs, etc.

And many more.

For ready-built packages, please contact us directly. In our blog, you can read some customer stories to get an insight to our world.


Circa 80% of all Internet Users own a Smartphone and nowadays the number of Mobile Users has exceeded the amount of Desktop Users in the whole world. Therefore, we aim to assure a proper and attractive Mobile Representation when building Websites for our clients as well to ensure a seamless Online Presence throughout devices.

On top of a Responsive Mobile Design of your Online Representation, we also offer to build a Mobile Application specifically for your business to enable your customers to use your services straight from their mobile devices.

Online Marketing & Search Engine Management

Combining the power of social media platforms to establish awareness for your business, the numerous steps can be very frustrating for a business to manage themselves. We offer the total package to diminish this problem, which includes a comprehensive creative strategy, content development and creation, daily implementation with publishing and monitoring, community management and a full reporting package.

Social Media

Social media has given each and every person out there a direct path to communicate with brands in ways they never could before. You name the network that best suits your business, and we’ll help you generate a relationship with your target audience.

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Google+

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the way of the online marketing future – appealing to both website visitors and the search engines through the publication and distribution of high-value web content.

  • Create Custom Content

  • Focus on improving search engine rankings

  • Generate Leads

  • Establish long term relationship with customers and followers

Digital Advertising

The Google, Facebook and Instagram ad platforms allow businesses to pull information that are “liked” each day around the world. These platforms are tremendous tools to drive online sales and website conversions.

  • Generate Leads

  • Drive Targeted prospects to your website

  • Get your content seen by more people 


Benchmark and track the performance of your social media accounts to identify which content is driving engagement and understand whether those conversations are positive or negative, who’s getting involved, and more.